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Emergency DRAFT International Legally Binding CCPC for Climate Change Prevention

                   COP 21 Paris 2015

ADP 2015.8 GaiaDoc

This document is to be interpreted with due regard to The GaiaDoc Emergency DRAFT proposal for United Nations Sustainable Development Summit 2015 (GPUNSDS) in Annex I



Integrated and coordinated implementation of and follow-up

to the United Nations Framework CCPC on Climate Change (UNFCCC)


A Part of the Follow-up to the outcomes of UNCED 1992








Replacement to Current Chairs UNFCCC COP 21 Proposals

“Draft CCPC and draft decision on workstreams 1 and 2 of the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action; Work of the ADP contact group; Edited version of 6 November 2015; Re-issued 10 November 2015* “

Richard Levicki


© R Levicki;

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Acknowledging that climate change prevention is incompatible with the current global economic, development and social model.

Accepting that climate change is and will be the direct cause of millions/billions of avoidable deaths, a threat to peace and security, the world’s ecosystems and a crime against humanity; understand that a failure for leaders to act now at the last hour would be an act of gross criminal negligence.

Requires all legal entities with relevant powers and obligations to strictly enforce actions prescribed under Article 2 of the UNFCCC “the stabilization of greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system” and contained within this CCPC which is a statement of already existing legal obligations and duties of care that Public Bodies and Servants already have to all global citizens.

All peoples and bodies in all nations are bound by this CCPC and all nation states are bound by duties as follows:

We agree to prevent climate change and contain the rise in temperature to less than 1°C above pre-industrial levels and return the atmosphere and climate to its natural state by 2040. Strict time frames must be imposed, so that overall global emissions of greenhouse gases will begin to be reversed as of 2016.  

FULL TEXT HERE Further Duties and 27 Articles




Emergency proposal for United Nations Sustainable Development Summit 2015


We conclude that 99.9% of organisations suggesting that they work in the green industries do so as part of a system that destroys mother earth. As such we have found no appropriate organisation that is realistically and holistically working towards the survival of our living earth and the long term preservation of all humans that inhabit it. This shocking finding defines GaiaDoc which in turn positions us. We appreciate that this may upset others reading this, from our view we are currently isolated and open to attack from all sides of society from far left to far right, we invite you to join us in our paradigm shift process. We desperately need your support organisational or financial. For funding we do not just ask for handouts but also offer services in exchange for helping us operate our philanthropic work   Our remit is to tackle these matters holistically and in an all-encompassing way using all peaceful legal means we can think of. Please excuse the basic website design, we are currently working with minimum funding and we have had to develop the site ourselves . We felt it was important to get the website up to offer you an insight from the outset. In due course we hope to develop this site significantly.

How We Will Fund Ourselves

We will fund our work with pay per hour and retail services that will run alongside our donation fund and will include for example a retail outlet for donated items, a contract cleaning service, and an eBay shop. There is a facility to donate used or new goods for sale. We will offer a full range of services including freelance environmental consultancy work, energy audit, administrative services, legal support services, environmental education or any other outsource need you have, be that as a company or individual. All profit after salaries will go to sustainability and equality. If you can help please contact us or donate to this bank account link.

Quality of Service

Quality of service will be our badge in all that we do and our organisation allows you to invest in a real future for your children. Our business model provides an asset lock for those that require it to protect funders/ service users. We are an open organisation ready to welcome partnerships with others towards a truly sustainable, healthy earth inhabited by humans in touch with the ecosystem around them with quality and long term solutions to life. Use our services and or affiliate to our organization and be a part of something special.

How to fix the earth and society

A global human resources system that assures the earths preservation is further from us than human travel to Mars. The human environment paradox creates complexity that requires a holistic approach. Our ideology is based a healthy mix of a top down (UN) and bottom up (people driven) approach. We are experimenting with an administrative system we call The Earth Preservation Matrix. This is made up of 8 categories of issues that define and encompass the risks faced by people and planet.

The News and Veritas Times our sister organisation

We see the current media reporting trends as a major barrier to achieving change. Our news section is there to affect this and keep you in touch with the important current affairs and is an alternative to the current news and media systems. Our news service is intended to expose corruption and educate society about quite how bad things have become. We see news as a tool for society to educate itself with a responsibility to society, not just a means to generate advertising revenue and get power.


We welcome all feedback and interaction: .

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